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I am a small town Texas-native living in the big city of Dallas, Texas. Growing up I always had a love for creating.  There's a certain thrill that comes with the flow of paint, evoking emotion and freedom.  

The best thing I know to say - is this is all grace.  

I am a small business owner and an artist - and I love my job.  

If you're interested in my work, a live wedding painting, or would like to talk about future possibilities - let's get this conversation started!


photography by written shutter


I love playing a part in your vision!  The process of painting is always a sweet narration of grace and the opportunity for me to serve you is one that fills my heart with joy.


If you would like to contact me regarding something other than a commission or live wedding painting, please email me at the link below.


animal series

A pen and ink series seeking to capture the personality behind creatures and their behavior.


floral series

A pen and ink series seeking to capture a love for florals and the layers found in their structure.


wanderlust series

A watercolor series inspired by a life of adventure, travel, and the outdoors.


untamed series

A watercolor series inspired by exotic and colorful animals.


letting go series

A watercolor series inspired by freedom through grace and the beauty discovered in letting go.  


holy hauntings series

a watercolor series inspired by the gift of the holy spirit and our wayward hearts



a painting seeking reconciliation and love for all mankind.


conversation series

A series inspired by prayer and grace.  Paintings are done on hardboard (24" x 48" and 24" x 24") with a joint compound base with acrylic and oil.  If you are interested in any or all of the pieces below, please contact me via email.